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Nursing World Congress And Health Care

The 2018 Nursing & Health Care Conference was held November 19, 2018 in Orlando, Florida, USA. Relive the day with selected video clips, photos, and even podcasts of all the breakout sessions!


Session I: 11:00– 14:30

Title: Filling the “health gap” in Nursing Curricula

Masoud Ghaffari


Title: Improvement at the Local level: Design, Implementation of a Daily

Management System

Cynthia Phelan, Jane Foley,Kim Sulmonte


Title: Intent-Based Leadership in Shared Professional Governance and

Interprofessional Collaborative Practice

Diana Swihart, Tracey Graham


Title: Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Programs: Nursing Education

And its impact on patient care outcomes

Tony Hilton

Session II: 14:30– 17:30

Title: Collaboration: A Paradigm Shift in Preceptoring Practice

Solimar Figueroa, Julie Penick


Title: Roles and Responsibilities of Nursing and Organizational leadership

In the Construction and Design process for new health care facilities.

Tony Hilton


Title: Active Implementing of Acupuncture Treatment in Long Term Care

Nursing for Patient-Cantered Culturally Sensitive Health Care

Eun Hyung Cho


Title: How individual roles within the family system contribute to

Addictive behaviours and physical health issues.

Jayne Payne


Title: A cross-sectional pilot study of student’s proactive behaviour in

Midwifery education: validation of a developed questionnaire.

Mestdagh Eveline


Title: Education Vs Economy

Masoud Gaffari

Session III: 11:30 – 14:30

Title: Proactive behaviour in midwifery practice: a qualitative study on the

Perspectives of midwives in Flanders and the Netherlands

Mestdagh Eveline


Title: Vulnerable pregnant women in Antwerp

Luka Van Leugenhaege


Title: Utilizing Small Data and Customized Tools found on your Desktop to

Successfully Drive Quality Improvement

Tannasia R. Gonzalez


Title: Roadmap to Success

Victoria L. Huff

Session IV: 14:30 – 17:30

Title: Preceptor Certification by Portfolio: An Evidence - Based Validation

in Preceptoring

Honoree Ceballos


Title: Use of Psychotropic Medications for Severe Mental Illness

Jessica Wilson


Title: Code STEMI: A Community Hospital Approach

Nyla C Thompson RN, PA-C Methodist University, USA


Title: Reduction of Workplace Discord through Self-Awareness and

Personal De-escalation

Victoria Grimes-Holsigner, Nicholas R. Nicholson Jr


Title: Analysis of relationship between Associate degree student’s self-confidence in learning and their perceived presence of 5 instructional design characteristics.

Geetha Kada

End Note Session : 17:30-18:00


Keynote Recaps

image description
Strategic use of Social and Community Prescription in the aged society

Toshiro Kumakawa,

University Of Fukuchiyama, Japan

image description
Dilemmas of Medical and Legal Security in Providing MidwiferyHealthcare in the Event of a Mass Terrorist Attack.

Dariusz Wojciech Mazurkiewicz

St. Mark's Place Institute for Mental Health, USA

image description
Empowering nurses at points of service, mitigating workplace shortage complexity through interprofessional shared governance.

Diana Swihart, PhD, DMin, MSN, APN CS, FAAN

University of New Mexico, USA

image description
Protecting our Nursing Workforce against career ending Patient Handling injuries: Who’s job is it?

Tony Hilton DrPH, MSN, FNP, CRRN 

Veterans Health Administration, USA

image description
New Technology and Innovation are improving healthcare

Nyla C. Thompson

Methodist University, USA

Photo Highlights